Public Buildings :
    Parking Area, Hotel, Hospital, Show Room
    Industries :
    Warehouse, Factory, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Textile & Garment, Pulp & Paper, Electrical & Machinery
    Health Services :
    Laboratories, Pharmacies, Packing & Storage Area, Clean Room
    Sport Facilities :
    Futsal, Basket, Volley, Badminton, Tennis, Baseball


To ensure the best adhesion and result, all oil, grease and chemical traces must be removed by through scarping aling the surface, followed by a wash with detergents prior to acid etching, abrasive blasting or buffing. Newly poured concreted must at least have been cured for minimum 28 days.

Priming Should utilize a primer with high penetration into the concrete surface in order to seal the pores within the concrete surface and ensure high bond strength with the additional layer of coating.

To coat old and worn concrete surfaces within heavy traffic and wear environments such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, workshop and many more.

The final top coating provides the customer's needs for smooth surfaces, chemical resistance, cleanable surface that are easy to maintain and an aesthetically beautiful finish.