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“Thank you for the trust to still chose to our product MAKEPAINT. Our product is the domestic product are always present to support the development in the country in general and fixes make to be continuos innovate in improving the quality of product and serve better to our customer.”

MAKEPaint is a product of the Nation, 100% authen-tic Indonesian products, which is present to support development in Indonesia and is ready to Go International. Established since 2019, we have continued to innovate along with market develop-ments and technology, in order to improve the quality of our products and services.

We are always committed that quality assurance and customer satisfaction remain our priority and enthusiasm to continue acting and working in joint development. Handled by a skilled and experienced workforce, convincing us to be able to align ourselves with existing competitors, and so that our products become the mainstay products in their own country for now and in the future.

Protective Marine and Floor Coating

Specialist Coating Solution

Finally, we express our utmost love to our customers and all the people of Indonesia for their trust in continuing to choose our product "Wild Paint" and provide an opportunity for us to remain able to provide the best and prove that our products are no less quality and quality with existing products. Hopefully in the future, MAKEPaint can go international and we promise to continue to innovate to give the best, improve product quality, and we will always be proactive towards input from all parties to realize our ideals and hopes.


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We Are Professional

We Are Professional, We Are Trusted, We Are Expert

We Are Trusted

We Are Professional, We Are Trusted, We Are Expert

We Are Expert

We Are Professional, We Are Trusted, We Are Expert